Lily Cetraro appeared without makeup. Photo

So, fans of “House 2” drew attention to the appearance of Lily Cetraro, which until recently was the reason for the admiration for the many fans of the reality show, and now it has changed for the worse because of the numerous beauty shots and other plastic procedures. But for a long time the situation was saved by the presence of a makeover, the website life-dom2.su.

However, in Seychelles, Lily allowed herself to relax significantly. Moreover, freeze-frame of the last esters are increasingly afraid of those who have recently defended and admired the appearance of the girl. As it turned out, no makeup Chetraru looks really bad, and without photoshop a little like a spectacular girl with photo, which publishes to his microblog.

“Girl like a girl. I doubt that without makeup you look better. And Breasts are really getting under mouse”, “that means that they all have one surgeon and all under one curve shreds. That it was similar to Lisko Rustle” – shared his opinion the fans of “House 2”.