Lily Cetraro and Sergei Zacharias announced the decision to leave the TV project “House 2”

It is likely that for this reason most of the audience was surprised by the decision of the guys to say goodbye to the project “House 2”. The young people stressed that they did not regret their decision, explaining that they are confident about what have developed into the project and ready to move on, without recourse to the reality show, the website life-dom2.su.

It is not excluded that such a decision the couple took to save one of the participants-singles. For example, the leader of the vote in the TNT club in recent weeks was the Roman Gritsenko. Knowing about the friendship between guys, it can be assumed that Zacharias received its finding on the project just for the sake of Roma.

“Well, maybe this was the right decision what to do on the project?”, “In any case, if this is true, I wish them success in the non-project of life” – wrote to fans of “House 2”.