Lily Allen denies financial problems

The famous singer Lily Allen turned on his page on Twitter to all who are worried about her financial condition, and stated that the reason for the sale of her home – not financial problems, according to the media. And the journalists suggested that Lily sold her house in the Cotswolds for 4.2 million pounds, to settle with the state, namely, to pay taxes.

“I sold the house, because moving to London forever and I don’t need to contain this property. Accept it as a fact. I have no outstanding debts. I settled with the state and then decided to sell the house” explained Lily.
But the Daily Mail has come to believe about the financial problems of the singer based on her Twitter posts that appeared, and then disappeared with her page on the social network.
“I had a difficult and hard years, and I was forced to sell his house to pay the tax” — written by Lily and added that now for her finances following tax professionals, experts and managers”.
Meanwhile, the musical career of Allen slowly pulled out of the abyss she now is working on a new song, first 2014. Last month this was stated by the producer of a celebrity.
“I think that this song is the best of his career Lily. Her voice sounds incredibly beautiful. This song is one of the most touching and honest songs in the world. She wrote it from the heart, and it is impossible not to feel” — said mark. Well, after such advertising the release of the song waiting impatiently.

Source: http://www.contactmusic.com
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