Lily Allen and her children were miraculously spared in Italy

A terrible earthquake in Central Italy a few days ago, claimed many lives, and the number of victims continues to grow. As it turned out, these days vacationing in the city of Norcia, Umbria, and Lily Allen with their children. By happy coincidence, the singer flew to England for the funeral, and took with him to Albion daughters. At the same time, many relatives of the Lily remained in Italy and only by a miracle survived.

“Was forced to leave his family and fly to the funeral home. What happened is just awful. Believe God’s blessing that my family nobody has suffered. Thank you all for your concern,” wrote Allen on Twitter.

First an earthquake happened in Italy in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. The last and most shattering jolt took place on Thursday. The most affected three Italian region Marche, Lazio and Umbria. At this point, the dead are considered to be 250 people, but many victims remain under the rubble for several days and the chance to save them less and less.

Source: http://ru.hellomagazine.com
Photo: http://ru.hellomagazine.com

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