Lilia Cetraro and Sergei Zacharias continue to destroy your novel. Video

But if Sergey is currently trying to find solace in the arms of Alexandra Sheva, Lily is not going to stop talking about it at least until until you get the debt. Nevertheless, at the moment, attempts Lily Cetraro to anything did not lead, but only made the situation worse, says the website life-dom2.su.

Enraged by the mention of money, Zacharias demanded the girl to close her mouth, and when she refused to be silent, with all his strength slapped her leg. Fortunately for Lily, it struck him in the leg and not in the stomach or the head. However, judging by the way cried the girl, she was in considerable pain.

“One only does that to provoke her boyfriend, and that, in turn, is not able to cope with their emotions, what to say – a gorgeous couple” – shared his opinion of the fans of the youth project.