Life Nikulina brought Glinnikov before admission

The agent of the actor revealed details of the incident

In the media appeared the news of the hospitalization of the star of “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov. It is reported that on Sunday, the actor was in hospital after a fight with a girl is a finalist of the fifth season of the show “the Bachelor” Ekaterina Nikulina. Law enforcement officers rasskazali journalists “MK”, then the actor allegedly spent the night waiting for the return of the girls from the party.

After 9 a.m. she showed up on the doorstep of his apartment in the Tikhvin lane in which he lives at his expense, began to quarrel, which turned into a fight. The bride broke the actor’s face, as she escaped with a few bruises — both were in a state of alcoholic intoxication. It is curious that the representative Glinnikov denied the news about his presence in the Sklifosovsky research Institute, saying that the actor is now in Georgia, and in no fight did not participate.