Liberi Kadono got a great chance to gain a foothold in the structure of the TV project “House 2”

It became known that Liberi are pretty nice, because recently she was offered a completely different position, which almost all the free time she spends behind the scenes. According to Libby, she is perfectly satisfied with this state of things, after all, learn ekologisku life of hardware is a very rewarding experience, the site says life-dom2.su.

But many are convinced that Kadono no place in the project. Fans of the television show are sure if Liberi are unable to properly deal with the work of the master, and the new place is waiting for its failure.

“Just stuck to free the trough does not come off in any way”, “the first one which position, because of the leading, as I understand it, it flooded?” –wrote fans of the TV project “House 2”.