Liberi Fadeeva criticized for his support Buzova

However, the recent performance of the Oli is in the “Europe Live” many have called a failure. Hearing the voice Buzova without a soundtrack, and some even booed her. But a very different opinion on this subject is Max Fadeev, who found the singing of the leading “House 2” a sincere and thanked her for execution, the site says life-dom2.su.

The answer to the praises of the producer became angry letter to Kadono. In his microblog Liberi published a post where he asked Fadeev to open comments and see for yourself who and what he thinks about Buzova really. Do not forget the mulatto to write about his disappointment in the man she once considered a professional with a capital letter.

“Whatever Liberi, but she sings, she sings! Buzova and vereschit. Liberi artistic, unlike Olly, reminds me of a pocketknife. Can be folded only in half. Movements were awkward, no sexuality in Buzova”, – was supported by one of the spectators Liberi Kadono.