Liam Payne has donated hundreds of Christmas gifts to children’s hospital

Christmas and new year holidays – a time of miracles. Many are trying to do something nice, memorable and useful to others. And Liam Payne is no exception. After Jennifer Lawrence and Selena Gomez, who recently visited the young patients, the same example was followed by the ex-soloist of the band One Direction.

Payne made Christmas a real celebration for dozens of young patients in the hospital New Cross Hospital in his hometown of Wolverhampton (England), hospital donating hundreds of Christmas gifts, accompanied by a manually signed greeting cards.

Despite the fact that the person present in the hospital and give presents Liam couldn’t, the people whom he congratulated, was satisfied that he had showed them attention.

“I got a call from assistant Liam – they asked if we would be, if the gifts will be delivered immediately,” said the coordinator of charitable programs of the hospital New Cross Hospital Leanne Bud. “Of course, we were happy. We want to thank Liam for this wonderful gesture.”

By the way, children’s hospital hope that you will still be able to thank Liam personally when he finds a “window” into your busy schedule.

Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: Musical newspaper

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