Liam Hemsworth spoke about the bullying Jennifer Lawrence on the set

Shooting in several parts of the franchise “the Hunger games” Liam Hemsworth was a real challenge, and for the partner on the set, which he haunted. Who would it be? Of Course, Jennifer Lawrence. Actress, iskrometno of humor and spontaneity which is enviable, pestering my colleague uncomfortable questions that seemed Australian, will never end.

“You never know what will fly out of her mouth,” said 26-year-old actor.

“She liked before taking a double turn to me and ask something stupid. For example if I like to have sex with a kangaroo. I, of course, replied that the Australians it is a pleasure. Jen often spoke nonsense, laughing, said Liam.

So how Hemsworth was inconvenient questions Lawrence, in the same measure he was amused by the clumsiness of the Oscar-winning colleagues.

“It always falls…We were in London, filming the introductory part for the premiere. When we descended the stairs, she fell. Then, on the way to the cinema she broke the heel, and she collapsed again. She fell and at the premiere in Berlin and Spain! I assure You – she is constantly falling,” concluded Liam.


Source: segodnya.ua
Photo: woman.ua

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