Let’s get married: the Successes and difficulties of the popular show

With the personnel changes on the First channel, and a closure of some programs began to say that the same will happen with the project “let’s get married” program, where participants choose a couple of three options. The show, however, though in some ways considered scandalous, but firmly holds the bar of popularity. Someone like it and someone said that it was not so much steam has evolved over the entire existence. They have even appeared at the anniversary releases, but consistency in such matters is a complex, divorces and breakups happen sometimes regardless even help on such a popular television show.


According to this program the leading Larisa Guzeeva, the project for nine years, not even just “survive”, but broadcasts will be. The star said that when started the rumor about the disappearance of “let’s get married”, it was like the ones spared, and those who rejoiced, and in this nothing serious. To paraphrase a proverb, equally all can be enjoyable only coins. Guzeeva said that fully realizes that once the show has closed, but it won’t be soon. Might change only the format of the program, although the focus will remain meeting men and women.

According to the leader, over the years she has learned to identify the characters almost every guest of the program, it tries to reveal them so that everything was clear. Moreover, “let’s get married” is kind of extreme, highly unusual situation, because to open, to show their emotions easier to get. Guzeeva noticed that the fate of the characters, she deliberately not watching. Only the anniversary editions of the show who has a stamp in the passport, and some children got. At the same time, no matter participated in the project previously, wanting to come back again after this is possible. Working with such people is not difficult, sometimes easier, although sometimes even no impact – because a lot of people gets released, the memory of them gradually erased.

Leading stressed that even though a lot of criticism of the program, but something will not change, because “let’s get married” your style is really logic. For example, she doesn’t understand why favors the ethnic principle in the selection, because the principles and structures of the nationalities is partly still similar. Astrological compatibility is bound in the ratings. Guzeeva suggested fans to criticize themselves to invent such a show, removing from it all that they don’t like, and then evaluate whether it is a favorite of the audience. Life same situation, according to the leader, are created without any blanks, they are not artificial. The program as a whole is not set up to contribute to the improvement of the demographic situation in Russia, anything can happen, although Guzeeva I would like to be less single people. Leading noticed that many of them lack opportunities or places where to meet you, because she is glad that even though the program is sometimes possible for someone to put together. Although the situations are different, and she recognizes that not everyone comes solely for the relationship on the program, there are those who have very different goals. Usually the program is revealed, and then such a person is directly criticized. However, pairs formed was quite a lot. According to early estimates, more than two hundred, some already had kids.

According to Rose Sabitova, the matchmaker project, helps when the participants just listen to the recommendations of leading. For example, was the hero of the program is uncertain and not very well maintained. He was advised to shave a little to get in shape, and then he though no date for the “let’s get married”, but in his hometown there was a lot of fans, and the guy quickly found a soul mate.

Among the stories of people remaining together after the “let’s get married”, it is necessary to highlight, for example, radio “Russian Radio” Alice Seleznev and businessman Artyom. The release was on 6 June 2012. Alice came to the project wanting to meet a tall 180 cm, calm, educated and successful man. Her hand and heart claimed Anatoly, who worked in the security industry, Valery engaged in restaurants and Artem. However, he was somewhat younger than the celebrity, but Alice because of this, not upset. She liked the attitude of the young man that gave directly on the ring. In 2014, they got married.

It’s also worth remembering Irina Jonikas and Hristo Kirilov – they are considered almost the most romantic couple “let’s get married” and most happy. The issue with these participants was 19 October 2009. According to Irina, to participate in the project asked her landlady, and she finally decided. Hristo struck the girl with his smile, sincerity, how she looked, and was pleased that it played a song for her. In the end, the couple got married got married in the Church near Moscow, but moved to live in Bulgaria – there are a little bit cheaper, than in Russia.

In 2010 there was a very creative pair – Oksana Bondarenko and Alexander Belov. They knew each other before the project, but broke up, and “let’s get married” again met, I developed feelings, began a discussion of mutual claims. After the program became easier, I started looking into compromises, and eventually the pair reportedly began to prepare for the wedding.

However, all is not perfect with the popular project. For example, some former participants say that specially of their lives are selected controversial or very sad moments. Heroes no that does not allow open, but the pressure on it is. In addition, not everyone is happy with the attitude of the participants Rose Syabitova, which is estimated as the lady is not entirely cultural, able to behave with people somewhat rougher than it should.