Let’s get married — live from 08.09.2017 watch online

8 Sep in the show let’s get married 8 09 2017 watch online Eugene, 29 years old, his fiancee was waiting for offers, magnificent celebrations and wedding, but the groom only dreamed of horses. He is a hereditary Forester, owner of horse of the household, engaged in carpentry, jumps with a parachute. Wants to plant a garden and build a mansion, sleeping without a pillow, has managed to earn his first million. Never pay attention to the girl, abusing cosmetics. Married fun lady with beautiful Breasts, who loves animals, nature and village life.

Genre: talk show
Production: Studio spetsproektov the First channel and the Red square
Presenter(s): Darya Volga (2008), rose Sabitova, Vasilisa Volodina, Larissa guzeyeva (October 2008), Lydia Aref’eva (from 30 October 2014 to 18 Feb 2015), Tamara Globa (19 Feb 2015).
Country of origin: Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Language: Russian
Producer(s): Ilya Krivitsky
Premiere: 2008 — present