Leroy frost was unable to reverse the decision of the leading

However, recently it became known about the decision leading to send Zahara Salenko on the “Island of love” without Lera frost. And although this fact puzzled the brunette, the news that together with her boyfriend to the Seychelles sent Lisa Triantafilidis, just pissed off frost. This is not surprising when you consider that at one time, he cheated on her with Elizabeth, the site says life-dom2.su.

And although Valery tried to explain the indignation of unwillingness to lose the male, a few of the subscribers to doubt that the reason is different. Some participants, however, as fans of the show, firmly convinced, Salenko and this time do not miss her. And if not Lisa will change frost with some other girl.

“And how can we build love, if the project does everything that it never happened? The endless provocations, Yes, I don’t think Leroy really worried about their relationship – all scenario” – suggested viewers “House 2”.