Leroy frost was forced to turn to psychic

Due to the fact that in recent time with Zachary is something odd going on (crazy mood swings, the aggression, the impulses of love, then crazy, then soft) I decided to try a not so traditional method and decided to invite my good friend, psychic Nan Sivak. She came to us, did an alignment on the maps which showed that in past relationships the male (before the project) were made by him “bad things”, she accurately described the appearance of the former the male, the situation, etc., after it conducted a ritual cleansing, which the male have to do two more times. Explained that a series of failures, scandals and all adverse events stretches out. After Nana, it seems that everything goes like clockwork, I very much hope that this will contribute positively to our relationship. Why I turned to alternative methods of problem solving and went for broke, but because in the last time, he was an entirely different, we often talked to him about this and he admitted that he does not understand what was happening to him and that he was scared of what he can’t control himself or his emotions.