Leroy frost started a brawl over a guy. Video

It should say that Valerie was not going to “stand by” and watch as her eyes take her beloved. Frost decided to show her rival who is who. So, the Breakfast that Jan has prepared for the male, did not hit the young man in the stomach, and was thanks to the efforts of Lera on it, the site says life-dom2.su.

But Valeria could hardly expect that her opponent will be the man is not shy. Instead of having to opt out of further courtship by the male, Ian accepted the challenge and was not afraid to tangle with your better half chosen.

“Frost is disgusting demeanor, habalstvo, aggression, use of physical abuse while clarifying the relations with other members, swearing, arrogance and rudeness in everyday life. All this negatively affects the education of youth, which looks at the project.” – criticized the audience act Lera.