Leroy frost regrets addressed to the male Salenko

In turn, frost learned about the deception, greatly offended by a young man who not only kept his promise not to drink, but dared to lie to her. In response to such an act, the girl uttered her man what she thinks about it, using not the literary expression, the website life-dom2.su.

“This evening I allowed myself a little drink and when I saw Leroux, reflexively lied, saying that the glass of Cola, thus trying to limit myself and her from the quarrel, as he promised not to drink, but made it worse. Lera offended me and the whole night we hardly spoke. She didn’t mind that I drank, because she repeatedly offered me, and was upset that I lied to her. I also think that it was wrong, so I apologized, but then she was drunk and in his pocket for a word not useful” – said Zahar.
But the next day, Valerie admitted that she is very ashamed of said to the the male. Valery has promised to continue to control themselves and to refrain from insulting the beloved young man.

“Expression again, not chosen, and I according to her was the bad person. In the morning she was embarrassed and she again gave me the promise that I will never hear in the address such. I sincerely hope that this communication she finally keep” – expressed the hope Salenko.