Leroy frost made an unexpected confession

All the latest voting viewers are impatiently waiting for the news of resignation of Valeria from “House 2”, but from time to time the girl retained its place. Moreover, frost is confident that it soon will not face expulsion from the ranks of the participants, because, in its opinion, the management is unlikely to care for such person’s rating, the website life-dom2.su.

Moreover, in one of the recent broadcasts, the girl announced one more interesting fact. So in the boudoir Lera unabashedly voiced their sexual ability on the part of oral sex, emphasizing equal in this matter and can not be, at least in the perimeter.

“Do absolutely not hesitate to make such details. Such things as*Tim, it is so personal that sharing about it with friends, and especially the whole country is just insanity. Seen absolutely nothing to brag about except this and that’s all dignity” – outraged the audience “House 2”.