Leroy frost hinted at the cowardice of the male Salenko

And although this time Valeria decided not to offend her young man, the audience is still unhappy with this behavior of girls. It should be noted that the male had taken everything to stop disgusting behavior frost, but she did not listen to him, heated conflict with his own claims to it, the site says life-dom2.su.

Moreover, Leroy hinted at the cowardice of the male, which, in her opinion, ready to criticise it and to be silent in the rest. Offended Lera openly declared Salenko had to deal with Andrew Touch, which evicted her from the room. And be sure to silence Sergei Kucherov, still not izmenivshiysya for the stigma is simple***of tki.

“Valerik all the time shouting about the boomerang, saying that all participants come back her resentment, but if anything, this boomerang has already had her head off to be demolished” “I Found someone to encourage. Zachary the rabbit is able to beat a weak and preferably from behind” – shared his opinion the audience of “House 2”.