Leroy frost confessed to fictitious relationship with the male Salenko

Leroy frost made a shocking statement. It turned out that her relationship with the male Salenko is fictitious and was created by the producers.

Participant of “House-2” accidentally blabbed about the true situation in his pair.

Revelation Lera frost shocked most fans. She told me that her pair with the male Salenko was created by the producers specifically to participate in the contest “Love of the year.”

While the young man was offered the choice in the person of Lisa Triantafilidis and Lera frost. At that time, as the girl this privilege is not provided, because no one wanted to contact her.

Frost later denied his words, writing off all the anger. However, fans believed that her relationship was a sham from the beginning.

Many viewers felt that the participant told about it since it is going to go to America to participate in the new show.

This is not the first time such revelations of the participants. Recently, one of the first heroes of “House-2” told me that his date with Olga, the Sun was also fictitious. In fact, the young men couldn’t stand each other in spirit, and asked the organizers to provide them the right choice.