Leroy frost can become bald. Video

So, a few days ago frost promised to put an end to relations with the male, and before the whole team was assured that would be willing to shave my head, if ever you decide to return your man back. It is worth noting that few people believed in the power of the will to the girl, and now it turned out that the doubts were not groundless, according to the site life-dom2.su.

As it turned out, after the fight with Maria Kohno, Zachary and Leroy once again decided to be together. And the only thing that overshadows their joy – the recent promise of frost. That girl kept his word, insist many of the participants. And some even promise to shave Leroux, is only Salenko to turn away, and it can be done even at night.

“No need to shave frost, and to remove from the project – which she definitely needs someone to hurt, and then just alert the organizers? Why keep it and not removed – then the green light to all – someone who wants to beat and still stay on the project” – outraged fans of “House 2”.