Lera Kudryavtseva told about the health problems that are inherited from ancestors

The program Lera Kudryavtseva “million dollar Secret” exposes domestic celebrities, vyvodyat their secrets. Itself leading at that, keeps his personal life and his secrets under lock and key.

The other day, one of the leading and most popular decided to reveal some truth about yourself.

Kudryavtseva told about the genetic legacy she inherited from her ancestors. Having a certain procedure, experts found out which disease got the TV star from her family. Lera said that the common migraine is what gave her her ancestors: “”Turns out they went to “a reward” from past generations – the doctors discovered a tendency to severe migraines. Also, through the tests found out what the most effective vitamins I take, which products are the most useful. Husband Igor, of course, laugh at my hobby, but when I returned from the clinic, began to ask what I have as a Yes. Maybe in the future will be decided on such a procedure. For genetics, I believe the future”.

Kudryavtseva also admitted that he believes all the problems of successful people – a trifle on the background of what is happening in the world: “When I feel bad, begin to sort through in my head different situations, understanding that many people much worse. In Africa children are starving, someone living on the street… I imagine all of this and trying not to limp, not to relax. In addition, try to always find something positive: here is the fire – I’m so glad no one was hurt, and a reason to make repairs. Often, thinking hard about a problem, you just say, “Lord, thank you for everything I have! I’ll do it!”

Source: dni.ru
Photo: Days.ru

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