Lera Kudryavtseva commented on the rumors about the divorce with Makarov

TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva commented on the recent rumors about her divorce with the young husband, hockey player Igor Makarov.


The rumors arose after a famous TV presenter posted on the social network photo in black clothes and in the caption said that going to close your program “the Secret to a million” because of the recent turmoil. She admitted that she suffers from the betrayal is very close to her and asked her to excuse all fans of transmission.

After the publication Kudryavtseva went to a long vacation, but in the photo, which she published in the blog, there was her young husband.

These events caused great concern to the fans, because they thought that it was Makarov so much hurt the presenter and their marriage coming to an end. This star reacted with surprise and said her husband they are all fine (though he is younger than her 17 years). At the time of dispensing the couple, Makarov was at the training camp and games in Ufa.

Such rumors and Hockey player not a little surprised and also denied the suspicions.