Lera frost notably went from the new girl

Came yesterday in the “Dom-2” Yana Listowska loudly declared about themselves and their plans for the male Salenko, openav Lera frost. Zachary Salenko is one of the most attractive participants “House-2”, it enjoys great popularity among girls, that can not irritate his partner Valerie frost. Now the girl was a worthy opponent.

We are talking about a new participant of “House-2” Yana Listowski, she immediately showed sympathy for the male Salenko and decided to get his attention, and prepare Breakfast. In the end, Valerie frost turned going to the bed girls.

The old habit beloved of the male Salenko expected delivery, she will not follow, but Ian Listowska surprised her. In the end, ler for the first time got a good from a worthy rival.

Fans of “House-2” this turn is clearly pleased. They hope that now the new girl will be able to put Leroux frost back on and wean her to throw at all with his fists. Recognize that the current passion of the male Salenko many outright annoying, but because this situation is immediately allowed Yana to win the support of the audience.