Lera frost miraculously managed to avoid eviction

However, judging by information from the network, the gate went not frost, and Peter Shepel, who scored the same number of votes as the Lera. After the man left the project, and Faith chicken by posting on your page a photo of the house, making it clear that her path on the project came to an end, says the website life-dom2.su.

While the chicken and Shepel did not lose heart, Kohno not hide his displeasure of the incident, it does not hide your reaction and fans of the show. A sincerely outraged that such filth and scum like frost remained in the perimeter, while a normal party was forced to go home.

“True —Salenko and frost —two Chicks compete with each other , who is more beautiful , reytingovoe popular, it’s disgusting to watch”, Perhaps it’s the scenario?” – commented the audience of “House 2”.