Lera frost advised to monitor their appearance. Photo

Often, however, attention to the ler involves its appearance. More recently, the girl was considered almost the main beauty of the “House 2”, won in the corresponding contest and received 100 thousand on a new wardrobe. However, many followers believe that she needs a lot more pumice for feet, rather than new clothes, the website life-dom2.su.

So, after a freeze frame of one of the fresh air, the girl was bombarded with criticism over her heels. However, it is not surprising, because the girl pretends to be a Queen and she do not wash feet. To take care of the cleanliness of the trust people have told anyone else, and Olga Buzova. Especially considering that Olga believes Leroux gorgeous woman.

“Lerke – milanku long project kick’s time to drive. Just the fear of losing. Scarecrow puts yourself the Queen, Yes there is some sucker live, first in shoes walk, then not washing the floor, running around barefoot,” – said the audience “House 2”.