Leonid Yarmolnik staged a showdown in the restaurant because of his wife

The task of any men, if circumstances so require, to defend the honor of his lady. No pulling eye did Leonid Yarmolnik, when an unknown allowed himself the familiarity in the address of his wife Oksana.

The incident occurred in an expensive restaurant on Tsvetnoy Boulevard about 10 years ago.

This is how the case says Leonid himself: “After watching the film at some festival 10 years ago I Chukhrai, Lungin, Isakovym and my Oksana went to an expensive restaurant on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Climb to the second floor, and suddenly some drunk guy put his arm around my wife. I still was drunk or not, I went to him so that he flew off the ladder. With him were three more defender. But I also was not alone, and it was all over in 20 seconds without my participation”.

Says Yarmolnik, in any unclear situation, he prefers to act first and then think whether he made: “If you want to punch in the face, hit first, and then think that he was right. But every time I know it’s done right.”

By the way, the actor claims that his fiery temper did not prevent him in his personal life. With his wife they sometimes clash, but quickly come to a reconciliation: “Swear, of course, and I bet your whole life and then makes up. This is life… Relationships transformirovalsya, but, in my opinion, in the basis we have is mutual respect, which can not be invented, it can only appear over the years. Life conflict, trials, joy, loss – all this is very common. We are able to talk for hours and hours to be silent but still silent, still talking”.

Source: dni.ru
Photo: star-town.ru

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