Leonardo DiCaprio will take part in the creation of the “Black hand”

Leonardo DiCaprio has his eye on a new project. The star of “the Wolf of wall street,” signed on for a film called “the Black hand”. It is an adaptation of the book writer Stephen Talty “the Black hand: the Epic war between the genius detective and the deadly secret society in American history” (“The Black Hand: The EpicWar Between a Brilliant Detective and the DeadliestSecret Society in American History”), which tells about the crime wave in new York in 1903.

The intruders mark their crimes mark – the sign of the black hand.

To uncover these things and to find the people who are behind all of this takes detective Joseph Petrosino. At the moment it is not clear what the function takes on DiCaprio in this film. Whether it will be the leading actor, the producer is not known.
Waiting for clarification.

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: TV Center

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