“Leningrad” has released a music video for the song “Candidate”

October 18 – news Agency “news”. Group “Leningrad” was posted on YouTube a video for recently presented the song “Candidate”. New video ridiculing the political system of our country, was directed “Exhibit” and “Peter – to drink” Anna Parmas.

In a satirical manner the Cords and the company shows the life of a small Mukhino, which are folk festivals, and on the stage waiting for the mayor, who needs to play the “TV people.”

But then it turns out that the mayor already seated. Instead, the stage bursts into “candidate”, who begins to sing a song about how “Putin, Bulk and tramp distant from the people.”

At the same time by trying to lose with scenes of his wife and the Deputy mayor, for which what is happening – a complete decline of his potentially successful political career. In the end, the assistant asks to remove “candidate” from the scene of drunken police officers whose mission ends in a fiasco, as the performer of the song jumps into a crowd of people.

Note that currently the new creation of the group “Leningrad” was watched by nearly 500 thousand people.

Earlier the Cords presented a new poem about the President of Russia entitled “Putin, of course, a pity”, which tells about the difficulties of work of the head of state.