Lena Lenina — why Bledans husband left her

The news about the divorce that Evelyn was hiding for a year, caused heated discussions fans

The news that Evelina Bledans with a child with down syndrome a year ago, her husband left her, made a bombshell. Doctors are often very strongly recommend that couples in the fetus which in the early stages of pregnancy diagnosed with such a pathological deviation, an abortion. But we all remember how Evelyn and her husband, Alexander decided to keep the baby and so she, like any woman, could hope that his decision will not be so short-lived. “And in sorrow and in joy, till death do us part…”

We’ve all heard that the love lives of 3 years and any passion is, but women want to hope that exceptions could be cases when a family is born a sick child and personal desires, like “to walk away”, could become secondary. Former husband of Evelyn, who, like her, decided to carry this cross to the end, could so quickly not to refuse. Of course, the husband of Evelina’s much younger than she, and he, too, would like to have more children, healthy children. But Evelyn is already 48 years old and she probably will not be able to give birth to him, maybe that’s why he subconsciously sped up the process of separation to be eligible to quickly marry another woman? After all, any young men it is natural to dream about healthy offspring. Women do not understand this and will not forgive. Because the decision to leave a sick child were combined, and both parents had to carry until the end of the cross. Now Evelyn will have to do it myself. She is strong and she can handle it. And she should not blame yourself for the divorce. Although she, like each of us, divorce is always involuntarily asks a question: “And maybe I was not good enough?”, “Maybe 12 years is a lot?”, “Maybe I stopped being sexual for your young husband?”, “Or I’m not a very good hostess?”, “And maybe I’m rare because performances have been at home?”. But shouldn’t the woman always to blame themselves for the divorce.

Why Evelyn hid the divorce for a year from the public, from followers and from their friends? Because she was just ashamed that crashed the beautiful picture of family idyll, years draw in social networks. A shame that it was thrown. Ashamed for her, classy and sexy, left no king and not a billionaire, but less brilliant, less rich, less powerful, less famous man. Although making your husband known, Evelina inevitably facilitated finding a lover. But the fact that it is, none of the peers has no doubts: the man knocks 50 pounds overweight and not turns sharply out of my pancake in Alain Delon after many years of marriage without a strong stimulus from the outside. Beautiful, slim, but still, thanks to the efforts of the famous wife, now known, of course, ex-husband became a partner. And in that personal life of Alexander will develop, no doubt. And here’s Evelyn to find her husband to be more difficult. Because the cross in the form of a sick child is a burden, as it turned out, even for the natural father of the child, and especially — to the outside men. Some followers suggest her to quit her acting craft and care for a child with down syndrome. They think that it is now without the departed family of the father and often has been touring the provincial theatres with the mother, the baby will be destined for foreign nannies and caregivers. But we all know that a brilliant and talented actress will be difficult to abandon the professional realization and career. Therefore, we wish Evelina strength and courage in this difficult period!