Lena Lenina: “Man, a punch which can knock down a rushing bison, life is very good”

Editor Znamenitka happy birthday Kostya Tszyu

Today the entire sports world, from Moscow to Sydney, and the whole showbiz wishes happy birthday to a great athlete. I’ve never seen a Boxing match, but I really like Kostya Tszyu, like all my colleagues. And, unlike many of them, have the happiness and honour to be friends with Bones out of their cells. So I can tell about what kind of Kostya outside the ring.

In our show business gathered an incredible eclectic variety of characters. The uneducated and intellectuals, arrogant or kind, upstarts or the great. There is hardly any other market segment in which there is such a variety of characters. The world famous and konkurentnosti. Almost every student wants to be famous. And every professional dreams of becoming a famous world leader. Every singer dreams of becoming the head and every athlete — jeou.

And against the background of this diversity, the famous fauna and in terms of the enormous competition, the coast is the most responsible, most punctual, most understanding, most lovely and most charming. Who can be a friend. Man, a punch which can knock down a rushing bison, life is very good. Apparently, by some amazing law of compensation in nature, the man whose profession is a demonstration of strength and even aggression, in life is the epitome of peacefulness and friendliness. Kostya Tszyu love in our shop everything of celebrities, and therefore are all together today we congratulate this great, yet simple; strong, but kind, Man happy birthday!