Lena Lenina commented on the accusations of arrogant dealing with students of journalism faculty

Lena Lenina did not remain silent in a situation when she was wrongfully accused of arrogance and decided to respond to such statements. Yesterday the Dean of the faculty of journalism at IGUMO Tatiana Vorozhtsova told reporters that Lenin was to speak to the students on the topic of how to communicate with media persons, but instead just stuffed his worth, saying that her dog lives better than those gathered in the audience.

According to Lena, the situation was radically different. The owner of nail salons said that she was sorry that the Dean of the faculty, which was not even present at the meeting, gathered gossip and shared them with the “yellow press.”

“I can only regret that the teachers and heads of departments are people who collect gossip and they base their judgments. Fortunately, I have audio and video recording of this meeting, and my lawyers can find the necessary pieces to refute all the charges against me, especially if I was such a snob, what describes me don’t know me woman, I wouldn’t have come free read a lecture to students. I did it from the heart, with a sincere intention to share with future journalists feedback and tell them about how stars react to some incorrect behavior of journalists,” the statement said Lena.

Lena also said that it intends to seek punishment for all those involved in the formation of this untrue gossip and wants to the people publicly in front of her apologized.

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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