Lena Lenina bought a toilet snake skin

Lena Lenina, accustomed to surprise and impress with his images, said earlier that the interior of her house will differ considerably from the ordinary houses of the oligarchs, because finishing it will use unusual materials and agree on the most extreme suggestions designers.

Your plan Lena started to implement and have already purchased the toilet, which is decorated with Python skin, and red.

But it is not only a curiosity, which will be located in the estate of Lena. Recently in the online store Tashoti she bought 100 original pieces of furniture, which, I hope, will tell you later.

We will remind, not so long ago, Lena told me about how her house will become once the renovation is complete.

Imagination and originality Lena decided to Express with the help of designer beds that will be executed in the form of a coffin of the vampire. Recognized as a socialite, the chance to sleep in a coffin it is not solved, but its guests Lenin will offer this option, since the bed will be located in one of the guest bedrooms.

Bedroom of the hostess of the residence will be decorated in the style of “101 Dalmatians”. The room occupies the entire floor, and at its center will be located bath boats-kayaks made of natural onyx weighing half a ton. It’s frightening to imagine what an incredible amount of will result Lena her wishes.

Of course, in a house on several floors is not without stairs, which will also be the subject of the manifestation of the designer’s imagination.

No matter how strange and even unpleasant as it may sound, but the stair railing in the corridor are planned to be covered by white skin “penis seal”. This is how many seals will die for the sake of dubious beauty and aesthetics…

A special appearance will also have a fridge. One of the doors will be double glazed, which will house live worms! There is no doubt that such measures will clearly contribute to the rejection of food and the inevitable weight loss of comfort.


Source: wday.ru
Photo: wday.ru

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