Lena Dunham wrote an essay in defense of legal abortion

Lena Dunham continues to advocate a woman’s right to have an abortion. Earlier, the actress admitted that itself had not terminated the pregnancy, however, believes that a woman should have the right to dispose of his body and the life of the unborn baby, she should have access to legal abortion.

Actress, Director and writer described their thoughts in an essay published on the pages of Variety.
“I support open access of all women to legal and, most importantly, safe method of abortion. I have already faced a chronic disease of the reproductive system. In other words, I understand how important it is to have access to the full list of services on health, because in my own skin I tried treatment from specialist in their field. Like millions of my compatriots, I was horrified to foresee than we all face the possible imposition of restrictions,” wrote Lena.
Concluded his essay by Dunham that film and television should help all women, telling “real stories of real people.”
Recall that this sensitive subject has also become a cause of scandal. In one interview, the actress of the series “Girls” made a reservation that regrets having never had an abortion. Careless words had the effect of an exploding bomb, and Lena had to explain to the public and tell them what she meant.

Source: http://variety.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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