Lena Boss was told about the personal results of past year and plans for the near future

Even before the divorce, I gave up sports, and this year I resumed the workout and very happy about it, I do Boxing, kickboxing, go to the gym. Very happy with that start to do marketing and PR, it has always been my hobby. My plans for the next year to work; I really want to go to rest with my son because this year, unfortunately, failed to go on summer vacation.
Personal life I have, I had to find a man and get married, the goal was to place herself, to put herself and the child on foot, because the man needs to be complete to understand what he wants from life… There are of course those who care, but serious relationship no.

Continuing our group of caring people to help children. The guys from the cancer center and the Invalides send letters which say that they would like to receive from Santa Claus for the New year. We scan the list, and everyone assumes a gift, which we will then personally deliver. Of course people are different. Some people think that charity for me is such a strange way of PR. Of course, it’s not, it’s life is through social networks, and exposing another post, I just want to draw attention to the problem. I am very pleased that many helpful people who really care. I want to congratulate all happy New year, I will be the person who will give you happiness and love that your eyes were burning!