Legendary X-Men will become a television series

Legendary X-Men will become a television series

Marvel studios continues to conquer TV.

The Fox has joined the ranks of the creators of the TV versions of the comics. Before the Marvel series came out on ABC, which is logical, since for those and other parent company – Disney. Even the vaunted “adult version” of the TV series on comics for Netflix, too, produced ABC Studios. But this time, Marvel has found a new production.

The first agreement between Fox and Marvel is shooting a pilot episode for a new version of “X-Men” (X-men) by the well-known Comedy writer Matt nix. Brian singer, the Creator of films about mutants, will show-run the project. The stars of the movie “X-Men” have not yet confirmed their participation in the series, but the authors hinted that without a cameo of Wolverine will not do.


Source and photo: mediananny.com