Leading the morning program “Mood” was celebrated on 1 September, four times

In Day of knowledge of Irina sashina visited three lines!

Leading the morning program and a mother of 4 children Irina sashina today has been one of the busiest Russian TV, because she had to take the kids to the range three times.

Most 1 Sep waited 3-year-old daughter of TV presenter Marika. She first went to kindergarten, the younger group.

“Yesterday we chose for the Mari dress, to him the shoes, brooch and ring, — said Irina. — When I came to Wake her with the words: “Marika, in the garden going?”, she cried: “Yes!”.

Morning in a big family presenter began as usual with Breakfast, which made Irina: cereal, cheese sandwiches, boiled eggs.

“Sons ate Breakfast in business — very quickly, I looked at them and thought about how they grew this summer!” — admitted telediva.

At first Irene took her daughter on a holiday morning-line in the children’s garden is a three minute walk from the house, but at 9 am was already on the line of the youngest son, 8-year-old Novel. Then, to catch, took a cab in Kolomenskoye, Moscow musical cadet corps, where he learns her middle son, 11-year-old Herman. The line of the eldest son, ninth-grader Alex, Irina watched already virtual, that the parents of his classmates sent me a video.

“Of course, I had to run today, but none of the children did not feel deprived of attention”, — said Irina.