Leading the “House 2” was delighted with the obscenities

Another failed ether, according to fans of telestroke, was the recent release, the guest of which was Prokhor Chaliapin, who tried to show off knowledge of folklore. Not paying attention to the fact that he is under the observations of cameras, he gladly sang a few ditties with colloquial words that seemed Buzova and Borodina fun and funny, the site says life-dom2.su.

Long accustomed to the vulgarity of the project, Olga and Xenia did not even blush when he heard obscenities from the mouth of the guest. And only laughed heartily at his jokes and curses. However, not all the audience shared a similar enthusiasm, believing such behaviour is unacceptable.

“Well, there are the same type of accident happened”, “Where came about and singing”, “sings So beautiful, but if without the Mat sings” – shared his opinion the youth fans of the TV show.