Leading NTV Andrey samartseva robbed on the set in Naples – 24???

The presenter of the program “Double standards. Then you are not there!” Andrew samartseva robbed on the set in Naples. This incident Samartsev has told in interview to the edition “Around.TV”.

While walking through the Spanish quarter to Samartseva was approached by two men on a scooter, one of whom snatched the backpack from the presenter. Samartsev ran after the attackers, but they managed to escape from him.

In a backpack at the TV presenter was wearing sunglasses, a bottle of water and a comb. Credit cards, documents and money Samartsev kept in the pockets of his jacket. The victim did not contact the police because he was told that it was “useless.”

Andrei Samartsev | vokrug.tv

Samartseva warned that Naples is the “gang capital of Italy”, but he treated these words as “the horror story” for travelers.