Leading “let’s get married!” attracts fans of the swimsuit

The astrologer of the program “let’s get married!” Vasilisa Volodina posted a photo in a swimsuit with a call to support her with likes. Although the girl is usually characterized by restraint.

Host of “let’s get married!” Vasilisa Volodina published a photo in a swimsuit and asked the fans to support her with likes. The journalist posted a picture on his account Instagram.

“Put like for the courage the girl in the swimsuit! Began a new lunar month, and I’m waiting for a new life! The wonderful feeling that everything is just beginning, everything is ahead, so many have”, signed photograph of Volodin.

Volodin in the program plays the role of the astrologer. Unlike the co-host of the program Rose Sabitova and Larisa Guzeeva, 43-year-old presenter is restraint in the statements. Volodin has two two sons 16 and 2 years.