Lazarev has announced his departure from the stage – 24???

34-year-old Russian singer Sergey Lazarev has announced the departure from the scene for a period of two years. About the decision the actor said at the festival “New wave” to the journalist of the edition “Days.ru”.

“I need to breathe, to think about realization in other areas. In particular, I like to do new theatre productions, to me it is interesting and close,” said Lazarev.

After his speech on the “New wave” Lazarev also said that he had finished the tour The Best. Now he needs to perform another 40 concerts until December 2017. In the spring of 2018 Lazarev will open the tour on its 35th anniversary: in April, he will perform in SC “Olympic” in Moscow and the ice Palace in St. Petersburg.

Sergey Lazarev | russia.tv

Recall that in 2002 Sergey Lazarev in the group Smash!! the winner of the first festival “New wave”. Each year the singer is taking part in this competition.