Lawyer bill Cosby demands to remove from the case of rape early recognition client

A team of human rights defenders working on bill Cosby, continue to insist that their client is not guilty of rape, in which he is accused. Yesterday they went to the magistrate with the requirement to withdraw from the case the testimony of bill is that he gave women drugs. They believe that the words of the bill, said during a hearing about ten years ago, “lead to prejudiced against the case bill as a whole.”

Recall that this testimony Cosby became one of the most important evidence of his guilt. If you believe the words battered women, which only officially has more than six dozen in the last thirty years a well-known comedian has done a very unfunny Affairs. Acted the maniac is always the same: put women drugs, and while they were unconscious, they were raped.
With extensive influence and connections at the highest level, bill felt impunity, and the victim contacted the police, were only amenable to laughter. The lawyers did not undertake to defend them in court, and law enforcement right in the eye and said that the truth still does not prove. Now old and almost blind bill, has lost its former power, risks to spend the rest of his days behind bars. This probability is too high, given the fact that he admitted that has given women slept with, the drugs. However, Cosby insists that they had accepted them voluntarily, but these words of its victims deny.

Source: http://radaronline.com/
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