Laws of luck: what determines our luck

The coincidence is not accidental — the laws of luck there really. Luck depends on certain factors, knowing that you can make a fortune your constant companion.

Many used to believe that luck is only temporary. But the reality is exactly the opposite. Luck — a process obeying their strict laws. The knowledge you get by reading this article, suddenly change your idea about life and personal success in General.

What determines our luck

Parapsychologists research in this area shows that success is not that other, as a pattern of random events, dependent on human psychology. There are esoteric point of view, insisting on the fact that capricious fortune can be attracted in various ways. Every opinion is partly true. But in order to understand the laws by which our life is present, there is no luck, you need a few minutes to forget about what you know, and to prepare their minds to new information.

Many believe that luck is affected by karma. But remember how many times you have wondered about why the world is full of dishonest winnings and righteous losers? It seems to be a man of infinite good and helpful, but even in this case, the abundance of the Universe passes him by. The fact that luck does not affect even indirectly the issues of morality and faith.

Luck, or, as it is often called, capricious fortune, is dodging in the direction of the specific event leading to a favorable outcome. Luck is the frequency with which these events come into your life. Lucky man is a man, whose well-tuned receive frequency. Set yourself on a wave of good luck and abundance by using 18 of the laws of luck, which is expressed in the principles of behavior.

The laws of luck

Watch your behavior. Indicate the events that are contrary to the established laws of good luck and change your habitual way of life. After a month you will notice a significant breakthrough, while the first changes will be to slip in a week.

1. Gifts of fate. You can often find people murmuring at fate. They did not go and nothing they have not obtained. Actually, such people simply can not make the signs of the Universe and overlooked favorable circumstances. If you are one of those who will pass by celebrities and not ask for an autograph for fear of rejection, you alienate yourself lucky. You just have to be at least a minimum of activity. Fluctuations retard your success.

2. Thought processes. In order not to miss the happy occasion, you need to get rid of anxiety. Everyone has problems, which you should consider. But you don’t need to devote every minute. Lucky assign this a minimum of free time.

3. Relaxation. Order is good in moderation, but not when around you total control and all have a clear plan. Life is mobile and changeable. Spontaneity is the key to success. Live the moment here and now.

4. Deserved award. Need to love yourself. Successful people notice all of my victories, achieved even a minimum of effort and deserved reward myself for the work done. While the losers blamed for every miscue. Adopt the proverb which says: do not praise myself — no praise.

5. Strengths. Each person has strengths. Someone takes wit, some charm, and some cunning. Instead of knocking the closed door, see if there’s any spare moves. Success is the most easy way.

6. To feel the moment. Not the best prospect is to rush into battle and tug-of-war, when I have time to choose a suitable case. Happy people are able to feel suitable for action moment.

7. Beyond. The stereotypes by which society lives, dictate the rules. Instead of having to trust the rumors and unverified information, try for yourself. If you want, all restrictions will collapse. Only you are the arbiter of your fate.

8. Increased self-esteem. Losers usually — insecure people. On the background of the lucky ones highlights their reticence and timidity. A successful person is not afraid of being branded ignorant, lazy or ham, saying, “so what? Who doesn’t?”. In any case, the winner is the one who does not succumb to the difficulties and is not afraid to learn from mistakes.

9. Respect to luck. Imagine a situation: you tried, worked, and turned away from you just because you are too good. Cognitive dissonance, right? So the luck doesn’t understand why she came to you, and you all expect trouble. Rejoice in this happy occasion, and he’ll be back again, inviting several partners.

10. Unfounded conclusions. Losers commit the deadly mistake of assuming that if they came to success, that is necessary for something. Successful people just enjoying the moment. So it had to be. The search for truth often spoil a happy moment, in which it is time to start to act and not to get to origins and causes.

11. Habits. Any pleasure can turn into a habitual way of life, routine. While not a new habit, it brings happiness, but as soon as it becomes a part of life — turns into something domestic and bleak. Life is dynamic and requires constant outside of its comfort zone. Yes, it is warm and cozy, but awfully boring.

12. Work with failures. Don’t need details to work out and to remember their mistakes. The conclusion is that you made the first time, how should I thought about the situation, is a useful and revealing. The rest of the beating yourself up only with your head immerses you in negative energy. Lucky looking for new opportunities — and new bugs.

13. Personal responsibility. To shift the responsibility to others — the last lesson. Don’t blame your failures of people, events, fate — blame yourself. In your hands is your happiness, for which you are responsible first and foremost for ourselves.

14. Happy aura. It’s simple: faith in his luck attracts failure, while hoping for the best attracts luck. Faith determines your fate, so be careful with this powerful weapon.

15. The struggle with himself. You can not go recklessly, quite regardless of their own opinion. If you go against yourself, break your uniqueness and accept yourself the way you are, then failure will destroy you. Happiness lies in acceptance of their inner world, their needs and desires. Learn to do as you want.

16. Optimism. One familiar and the familiar thing can be interpreted in different ways. For the pessimist the glass is always half empty. And so in all. Learn to notice the positive details. To do the usual stuff a good opportunity just. Just look at everything through the prism of optimism.

17. Reasonable risks. All the forces of the universe tells you that your life will change soon and you afraid of change? They should not be afraid. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will be the winner of any game, but hiding and postponing possible, you will not be able to learn and might be. Remember that in the optimistic approach, you will open all doors.

18. A fairy tale for adults. Since childhood showed us adults that have a lot of problems, they are serious and gloomy. At first we were afraid of them, and now I’m afraid to be happy. Happiness is not determined by social status, as luck does not depend on money. Successful people are not afraid to behave like children and to live in the moment, so may not fit into the usual framework. But it’s the only way to a happy life.

Luck depends directly on us. Changing the manner of conduct which is likely to be a fake and imposed, you will be able to look at the world in new ways. It turns out that all works is surprisingly simple, and the universe, and luck, lives by its own laws. Understanding and accepting them, you will have a happy life. Success