Larisa Guzeeva ridiculed deep neckline Volochkova – 24???

December 28, in the Studio “let’s get married!” visited ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. Impersonator Nikolay Lukinsky and singer Alexey Glyzin made up her company, says Cosmopolitan.

To participate in the filming Volochkova decided to choose striking green floor-length dress with sweetheart neckline and sequins. This image made the “groom” to switch attention on Anastasia.

Larisa Guzeeva, one of the leading transmission, not once did Volochkova remark about her skimpy attire. The ballerina did not react cautiously, and began to tell about its merits.

Anastasia and Larisa Guzeeva “Knew that the bride will fight and did all that attention was on you. Well done!”, – said Larissa.

Viewers criticized Anastasia for such behavior.

“They should dress modestly, you’re not yourself presented”, “the Chest demonstrating constantly that’s rude, even”, “Do the PR themselves more than the groom,” told users on the social network. Anastasia Volochkova on the show “let’s get married!” (video):