Large Breasts interfere career development Emily Ratzkowski

Famous model Emily Ratzkowski gave an interview to the Australian edition of Harper’s Bazaar, in an interview which beauty complained.. big Breasts. According to 26-year-old model, appetizing forms of excess in the modeling business and hinder the development of her career.

Emily became popular after appearing Topless in the clip Robin Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines”, released in 2013. But what brought her international fame, is now working against her.

“I often refuse to work because of large Breasts. They tell me I’m too sexy, and it can become an obstacle. I don’t know what’s wrong with my chest, and bothers everybody. In my opinion, is the most feminine part of the body, whatever small, or large. Why should it be a problem?” — asks a rhetorical question, Emily.

The newspaper Ratzkowski again stressed that he is a feminist, but also said that her boyfriend Jeff Magid also shares her views and respect women because my mother instilled in him the attitude.
“Jeff’s not just exclaims: “Oh, Yes, women are cool!”. He respects women, so it is close to what I’m saying,” said Emily.

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