Lamar Odom’s dreams of death

Staying in a depression basketball player Lamar Odom asks the heavens for death. It is reported by his father, not knowing what to do with my adult child suffering from alcohol addiction.

After the whole world has begged the life of Lamar in October last year, Odom did not have enough mind, unfortunately, continues to be friends with the demons that nearly sent him into another world. Recall that when, after the overdose of Viagra and booze, the NBA basketball player was in a coma, and the doctors call a miracle of his recovery. However, once the athlete to his feet, as the drinks flowed again down his throat. Spouse Lamar TV star Khloe Kardashian once again filed for divorce and was determined this time to reach the end, but Odom is no longer seem to care. Relatives and friends of the basketball player shocked at how fast he flies down the ramp and seriously fear for his life.
Lamar’s father Joe told reporters that she is in despair, because that has no impact on the son, decided to settle scores with life. According to him, Odom Jr. himself begging for death.
“Only God can save him. He wants to die and believes that it is entitled to have some fun before you die” — in desperation said an elderly man.
Recall that the 36-year-old Lamar, drunk and oblivisceris, was removed from the flight Los Angeles – new York. Another hour had to be spent by staff to clean up after Odom’s plane and continue the flight. Sources claim that shortly before Lamar was seen in a bar in the airport where he drank beer and cognac.
After this incident, the father daily receives dozens of calls from anxious friends of Lamar who told him some disturbing news. The whole environment of Odom believes that it is urgently necessary to go to a specialized clinic, or die.

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