Lamar Odom is asking for money from Khloe Kardashian

At once a successful and wealthy athlete Lamar Odom there was not a drop of pride, and it seems that the battle with his demons basketball player lost. While the wife of 36-year-old Lamar TV star Khloe Kardashian thinks what benefits to require it after the divorce, Odom.. he asks her for money.

About it she told Chloe in a new episode of the reality show “Life with Kardashians” her friend Malik.
“He knows that my phone is not working and is waiting for me at the door. He wanted cash,” said Chloe what her family members noticed that you can’t babysit an adult now, which, sure, is going to spend it on alcohol.
“You’ve done all you could, you can’t control it. If he wants to roll down, so let him do it” — said relatives are worried Chloe, but it didn’t fix it.
“It’s so sad. His motor skills still not recovered, so he could return to the sport and who knows whether it will be the same as before. He was such a great athlete and not even trying to return to his former life,” lamented Chloe.
“So hard to see her like this,” said Kim, when her older sister left the room – “I’d really like to learn to enjoy life”.
We will remind that last autumn, the basketball player nearly died in a Nevada brothel from an overdose of Viagra and alcohol. It seemed that the case would have to teach him to appreciate life, but no Lamar hit the winds and deliberately goes astray.

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