Lady Gaga spoke about her struggle with chronic pain

It would seem that 30-year-old singer can’t complain of health problems. Young and full of energy the body still needs to know about chronic pain. However, a few years this is what stalking Lady Gaga.

On his page in Instagram she published a photo, which depicts in a hospital bed. On the shoulder of the singer, the doctor’s hand, which apparently, massaging the sore spot.

In comments to the pictures Lady Gaga talked about the fact that the strength to cope with chronic pain gives her her aunt Joanne who died of lupus at the age of 19.

“I’m thinking about Joan (in honor of her Lady Gaga named his sixth Studio album Joanne) and how strong she was and start to feel better,” — stated in the message of the singer.

Fans of the singer could not be maintained, many of them spoke about their experience of dealing with some diseases. Lady Gaga was very touched and continued with his post: “I was so overwhelmed by the participation, recognition and personal stories of chronic pain, thinking: “Damn it! Maybe I should share my experience of dealing with this problem that I’ve gained over the last five years.” Each of us has our own individual case, the first thing you need to consult a doctor, however I can give some advice. When I feel strong spasms, helps me infrared sauna. I invested in one of the companies that deals with this issue. Some of the saunas are in the form of large boxes, others like the tanning beds, and others are simply electric blankets! You can always look for the closest area with an infrared sauna or a center that deals with homeopathy in your area. I combine this method with using silver “quilt Essentials” – it’s very cheap, reusable and, in addition, help detox the body and get rid of extra pounds!”

Note that the recovery of the body is what now Lady Gaga needs. The coming days it will be very tense today she performs at the American Music Awards, and in early December will go to Paris for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


Source: hellomagazine.com
Photo: hellomagazine.com

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