Lady Gaga commented on the breakup with Taylor Kinney

There is still hope. American singer Lady Gaga commented on his parting c actor Taylor Kinney after five years of relationship. As it turned out, the decision to break up is not final, the pair decided just to do a paunch. This was announced by the actress on his page in social network by posting a black and white photo with the following message.

“Taylor always thought the same. Like all couples we had UPS and downs. Now we decided to make a break. Each of us is full of ambition and desire to reconcile relationships and work. But away from each other because of the difficult schedules it is difficult for us to maintain those simple relations that were between us. Please support us in this difficult period. We are all the same and just love each other” wrote Gaga on her Facebook page.

Fans of the pair hope that this crisis will be as short as the one that occurred at the couple in 2012. Then, open up, Taylor told reporters that all the fault of the damn graphics.
“Stephanie is married to her career. I’m tired of Dating a celebrity with all its reincarnations and stuff. I love real girl, she’s wonderful, only one problem: I almost do not see” — he spoke then.
I hope that after this timeout the lovers still come to the altar.

Source: http://www.starslife.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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