Labrador George Michael has become the “new Hachiko” waiting for host at the memorial

The death of world-famous singer George Michael became a hit not only for the family and fans of the stars. According to the British press, the death of a celebrity grieved his beloved dog who constantly lies near the original memorial in memory of him.


Relatives Michael noted that the singer adopted a Labradoodle named Abby when he was a puppy. Pop singer loved his pet and often spent time with him. As you claim to be close to celebrities, between him and the dog there is some spiritual connection, breaking which the animal cannot recover so far.

After the death of the owner of the Labrador often lies on the site of a makeshift memorial by fans of a celebrity and longs for Michael. For Abby continue to look after relatives of the singer, however, the dog’s shows to anything of interest.

Recall that George Michael died on December 25, 2016 from acute heart disease.