Kylie Minogue will take the surname of the groom after the wedding

Kylie Sass? Australian singer Kylie Minogue told his fans that after the wedding with her fiancé Joshua Sass will take his name and make her stage name.

Wedding plans 48-year-old actress still does not build, but what she knows for sure that the name of her 25-year-old lover will be a great stage name. She told about it in interview to the edition “You”.

“Sass – a wonderful name. This is a great stage name. “Kylie Minogue” was never easy to pronounce. I will definitely take the name of Sass, but Minogue somewhere Prilep. New stage name implies tremendous changes,” said Kylie.
Recall that engaged Joshua and Kylie in February last year. The groom gave Minogue a ring made in 1908.
“For me it is perfect. I’m not one of those girls who love a fabulous expensive jewelry, and this ring is very special for me, something that I had dreamed of. I like to wear it and like the meaning behind Joshua in this gift.
When I look at Josh, he’s all that I see and that makes me happy. I immediately come to mind the words of the heroine Julia Roberts in “Notting hill,” which tells beloved: “I’m just a girl facing the boy and asks that he loved her”” says Kylie.
Recall that in the near surroundings Minogue were all a bit skeptical on her affair with Josh, they all felt that 25-year-old boy, a little-known actor, you just want to bask in the glory of the famous and successful Kylie. By the way, the wedding Minogue and Sass decided to play only when in Australia, the government allowed gay marriage.


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